P. Diddy’s Pedicures Herald the Future of Media

Chirp Guide gives second screeners the search they need

Second Screeners – those crazy kids who use a phone, computer, or tablet while watching TV – sounds about as crazy as Taco Bell’s Fourth Meal. That is, until you try to watch a debate, a football game, or the Real Housewives without access to Twitter or Facebook. It feels positively 20th century.

Remarkably, it’s only recently that companies like Get Glue and Miso have begun trying to reach Second Screeners. Now New York startup Chirp Guide is joining the fray, helping Twitter users find the best live-tweeters for sporting events, political debates, news events, and nearly anything else you can imagine. Think of it as a TV Guide for live-tweeting.

“About two years ago my girlfriend – now wife – was reading Andy Borowitz [on Twitter],” Chirp Guide founder Rob Schutz told us. “He was live-tweeting this debate, and I thought it was awesome – but I didn’t know who else was doing it. So that brought me to look at the process – how do you find this stuff? And it was very apparent that there’s a black hole there.”

And there’s no dearth of live-tweeting. “A reporter was live-tweeting a funeral yesterday and took a lot of flack,” Schutz said. “P. Diddy live-tweeted his pedicure, though I don’t think that’s what people are looking for exactly…”

Starting at 1pm ET, you can follow today’s iPad Mini launch from Apple on Chirp Guide here.

Now go forth (and pay attention).

Nitty Gritty:

8.99MM: @iamdiddy’s # of Twitter followers

374k: @BorowitzReport’s # of Twitter followers

8,869: tweets per second during the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy