Are we living in parallel realities?


A matter of perspective

The star of CES 2020? We’ll go with Misapplied Sciences and Delta Airlines’ new parallel reality technology, set to roll out mid-year at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. 

The tech can simultaneously display up to 18,000 different images on a single screen, depending on the physical position of the viewer; in practice, this will enable multiple airport-goers to see customized flight information… on the same monitor. At the same time.

While we all wait for the parallel reality industry to blossom — at least in this timeline — here’s a smattering of augmented reality gigs.

Go with the flow

Feeling bogged down by a towering to-do list? Here’s an HBR guide to finding your ideal productivity workflow. 

Having a hard time making habits stick? Try celebrating your wins

Simply need a break? Say hello to the Michael Jordan of dogs.

Back to the future

Some food for thought for the coders in our community: here’s a Guardian editorial on how software bloat means lean, efficient code and new programmers are needed now more than ever before. 

(These companies, in particular, could use your help.)

Plus: a fun Medium read on how computer programming has changed over the past two decades. 

For starters: “You are not officially considered a programmer anymore until you attend a $2K conference and share a selfie from there.”

Business, unusual

It’s no secret that higher ed could use an overhaul, especially when it comes to expensive and often inaccessible business schools. An education startup called Jolt — with a $14M Series A in hand — is aiming to open up a new pathway to the business world.

That said, here’s another pathway towards some shiny new bizdev gigs.