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Image courtesy PERI

PERI Duo Case offers both battery and audio capabilities

Bert and Ernie. Chips and salsa. The spork. When two become one, the result is often sublime. Could the PERI Duo Case, a charging case that also features powerful WiFi and Bluetooth speakers, be next?

The Duo’s speakers offer an obvious upgrade over built-in iPhone speakers, but should you want to set the speakers down and move around with your phone, the case is detachable – and will continue to play music from your phone through wifi or Bluetooth.

It doesn’t stop there: peer-to-peer wifi multicast functionality allows anyone with a Duo to stream music to dozens of other cases nearby.

Let’s not forget about the case’s charging capabilities: its 2500mAh rechargeable battery slides right into the case and can be activated with a click of a button to bring your dying phone back to full strength.

Launched on Indiegogo in December with a goal of $100,000, the PERI Duo Case campaign has just under two weeks to meet its goal. A $99 contribution will net you a pre-order of the Duo, due to arrive in April – you can get involved here.

Now go forth (and get charged up).


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