Photo Roundup: Five NYC Startup Office Dogs

A Startup’s Best Friend

It’s a holiday weekend and you deserve puppy photos. Here are five four-legged office comrades we’ve seen at startups around town.

Name: Tommy The Pomeranian
Age: 10 Years Old
Weight: 5 lbs (6 lbs on holidays)
Company: Tumblr (Flatiron, NYC)
History: A former show dog from South Carolina. After working the circuit, he made his way up north where he appeared on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101. Upon retiring, he took an interning job at Tumblr where he keeps things loose. Weekend pursuits include parachuting, dancing, and space exploration. Follow him here.
Favorite Drink: Seltzer, hold the bubbles.
People’s first Impression: That he’s a stuffed toy.
Favorite Song: Islands – Two Dogs
Favorite Movie: He’s a dog, he doesn’t watch movies.



Name: Spanky
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 10 Years Old
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Company: Wakefield (Soho, NYC)
History: Born in Los Angeles and moved to New York in 2007. He loves hiking off leash and the beach. Now spends his days sleeping, tabletop, here in the ol’ Bureau.
Typical Saturday: Walking along the Hudson.
Favorite Snack: Shredded chicken
Hidden Talent: Pure, unadulterated vert. This fella can jump nearly five feet in the air. Not shabby for a 70-year-old.
People’s first Impression: They love (or fear) his underbite and big googly eyes. Some say he looks like Ren from the Ren & Stimpy show.


Name: Freya
Breed: Mastiff
Age: 4.5 Years Old
Weight: 130 lbs
Company: Sum(all) (Soho, NYC)
History: Named after a Norse goddess. Been walking to work with Sum(all) founder Dane Atkinson since she was a puppy. They walk over the Williamsburg bridge to Soho.
Favorite Trick: Shredding boxes and playing dead.
Little Known Fact: Was trained as a therapy dog.
People’s first Impression: Shock and awe. She’s HUGE (and sweet).


Name: Champ! Short for Champagne (full name used sparingly, when the setting warrants)
Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 72 days
Weight: 6.5 lbs of pure puppy power
Company: Chartbeat (Meatpacking District, NYC)
Title: COO (Chief Organization Officer) Champ is in charge of keeping things in order around the Chartbase. For instance, he always puts all of his toys away on his day bed when he’s done playing with them, and he encourages that of everyone in the office – whether pup or engineer.
Guilty Pleasure: Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers
Most Embarrassing Thing He’s Willing to Admit: For a peanut butter treat, he’ll let people call him “Baby” and pretend that he likes it.
Nemesis: The bath towel


Name: Calvin Justusson
Breed: Border Terrier / Chihuahua
Age: 2 years, 7 months
Weight: 10lbs
Company: ADstruc Inc. (SoHo, NYC)
Twitter: @GoodBoyCalvin
Typical Work Day: First, a morning walk over the Manhattan Bridge — he keeps the Q train running on time by barking excessively at it (you’re welcome, citizens). At the office he checks the perimeter, spread his toys around, and tries to coerce someone (anyone) to refill his Kong. After a nap in his office chair, it’s a whirlwind of meetings, warning the team about deliveries, tweeting, and peanut butter. He’s lobbying for ADstruc to do a Skippy billboard.
Foursquare Check-ins on the Manhattan Bridge: 193 and counting
When it rains: Uber. Gotta ride in style.
Favorite Person: Anyone he’s ever met (with the exception of the mailman)
Likes: Peanut butter, squirrels, cuddling, parkour
Dislikes: The doorbell, frying pans


**Bonus pup. He’s been spotted getting passed around in the WeWorkLabs space on Varick. We don’t know him, but if you do, send us a cable!

Now go forth (and find an ear to scratch).
Invite friends to Wakefield. We’ll make room for ’em.


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