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Resisting a Rest

Let’s face it – that same old workout isn’t going to produce any new results. But how can you take your next run up a notch, short of dragging a tire behind you?

Physiclo offers compression athletic wear for men and women that features built-in resistance bands and panels. By counteracting specific muscle groups, Physiclo helps tone muscle and maximize results during your workout, simply by wearing their shorts, tights, and capris.

Developed by a medical student and an Olympic fencer, Physiclo’s technology is not the product of get-thin-quick-pseudoscience. Tests have shown that training with Physiclo increases both muscle activity (by 23%) and calories burned (by 14%).

Physiclo Compression Shorts

After taking a pair of the compression shorts out for a spin on both the elliptical and the track this weekend, there’s no doubt we’re going to be wearing them for all our future gym sessions.

Wearing the shorts almost feels like wading through water, and the increase in effort added serious intensity to our workout. But the shorts never felt bulky or uncomfortable – they really do fit like a second skin.

Best of all, they’re giving Wakefield readers 25% off the cost of any Physiclo product. Just use the discount code WAKE25 when you check out.

Learn more, and order your Physiclo, right here.


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