PotCoin diplomacy, Google’s groceries, and 100+ jobs at Slack

Another Dull Week in Crypto

We fully intended to not write about crypto today. But when esteemed American diplomat Dennis Rodman shows up to the summit in Singapore in a t-shirt branded PotCoin.com, what are we supposed to do?

This is just days after nearly all currencies dropped in value after news that bandits (bandits!) stole $40 million from a Korean exchange. Even if you don’t care about crypto, it’s hard to find better entertainment. This was just one week after all.


Bank Shot

Elsewhere, there’s apparently a lot of actual money out there (*disables comments*). SoftBank turned heads yesterday by investing $250 million in enterprise software company, Cohesity. Previously, they’d been showering the splashy consumer brands like WeWork, Uber, and DoorDash in cash. This could signal a push into the wonkier parts of the economy for the $100 billion Softbank Vision Fund.

SoftBank companies that are a) hiring, and b) unlikely to run out of cash soon: DoorDash (100+ jobs), Slack (100+ jobs), and Mapbox (25+ jobs).


Google Food Delivery

Google’s getting into grocery delivery. Why not?

We wonder how many startups had promised their investors that Google would never, ever get into the food delivery space.

Fortunately, many have loaded up on cash and are hiring en masse, including Deliveroo (100+ jobs), Sun Basket (20+), and HelloFresh (100+).

Webvan is not hiring.


Work Tech: Project Yourself

The most overlooked remote work tool? It just might be the projector. Once headed the way of the fax machine, the newer, portable models have made this a pleasantly useful alternative to staring at a laptop screen. And make demos far flashier, of course. Our pick is the AAXA LED Pico Micro model, which can be had for under $150 and is truly pocket-sized.


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