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Awesome NYC builds products for startups

In New York, there’s a guy for everything. Seltzer in Brooklyn? That’s Ronny Beberman, the famous seltzer guy. Need kiln-dried firewood, delivered to your door? It’s the Bronx-based Woodman you seek.

Turns out if you’ve got an app or startup idea but can’t build it yourself, there’s a guy for that too. More specifically, there’s a team: Awesome NYC is a product and design agency that specializes exclusively in startups. The Williamsburg and Soho-based agency delivers full product design and build services, often for first time entrepreneurs.

“80% of the people we work with have never done this before,” said founder Firat Parlak. “It’s not unusual for someone to walk in with an idea – just an idea – and hand it over to us to build.”

Awesome is unique in that they structure flat-fee engagements, without a scope – with the understanding that there will be further iteration and that clients may not have gone through this process before.

The formula has produced results. The team built the iPhone app for Rewind.me – soon after, Rewind.me was accepted into TechStars and raised nearly $1 million – and is currently engaged by well-known education startup Udemy for an overhaul of their interactive blog.

Need help on your idea? Get in touch here.

Now go forth (and call your guy).

Nitty Gritty:

1598: “Awesome” debuts in the Oxford English Dictionary

1980: Year “awesome” is defined in the Official Preppy Handbook

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