Privacy, are you possible?

"Thanks to facial recognition, I can finally retire!" - The Phantom (via GIPHY)

Zoom Gloom

And here we thought getting walked in on mid-presentation by our kids was the worst that could happen. Bloomberg recaps Zoom CEO Eric Yuan’s apology via blog post on April 1st after “Zoom busting” exposed several privacy and security issues within the popular video conferencing tool. The news prompted Tesla, SpaceX, and the New York City Public School System among others to publicly announce they would immediately seek to discontinue use of the platform within their organizations.

What Does a Pandemic Say About the Tech We’ve Built?

In this moment of reflection, have you stopped and thought about where we’d be without technology right now? Techcrunch has, and takes a look at how social media, virtual reality, and videoconferencing are shaping the way we’re interacting these days.

Tech So Smart Even The Phantom of the Opera Can’t Hide 

If putting on a mask and masquerading around like the Phantom of the Opera sounds like a good time, facial recognition is here to ruin your dream. Inverse has the scoop on a Chinese company that’s developed facial recognition software that identifies individuals even when they are wearing masks, just in case that look ever starts trending.

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This is What Start Ups That Are Hiring Right Now Have in Common

What’s one thing you can do while working from home? If you’re Jai Sajnani of New Enterprise Associates, you’ve already created a spreadsheet of start ups that are hiring and have analyzed the data to uncover trends. Business Insider takes a look at Sajnani’s insights, which found 50% of the companies currently hiring fall within the enterprise tech category.

You know what goes great with reviewing spreadsheets? Snack food. And if you want to turn a late night craving into a daily part of your diet, Mondelez International is looking for a Senior Manager of Insights and Analytics to strategize outsize the box when it comes to their Ritz portfolio.