Radeberger brings NY creatives together for cold beer and cold hard cash

A Radeberger Stammtisch in action

Pils and Thrills

Beer has helped bring people together since the fifth millennium B.C.E. It only makes sense to put that community to good use.

That’s why Radeberger Pilsner launched The Tastemaker Collective in May. The program brings together five New York-area artists, entrepreneurs, and creators to participate in a five-month program where Radeberger offers each $10,000 to complete a dream project.

“When our five founders started Radeberger in 1872,” Christian Arfert of Velvet Nation (who developed the campaign) told us, “it was in a very entrepreneurial spirit – none of them knew anything about brewing beer… We want to revitalize the spirit of our five original founders and support other entrepreneurs who have a vision.”

For the urban growers at Brooklyn Grange, for example, it was the opportunity to build a full kitchen next to their rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The co-working and community makers at Projective Space used the money to help open a new space on the second floor of Freemans Restaurant.

Beyond the individual grants, Radeberger also organized monthly “Stammtisch” – opportunities for the Tastemakers to convene over beer and connect.

You can learn more about The Tastemaker Collective and track all five members’ progress right here.

Now go forth (and raise a glass).