Real jobs in augmented reality + Taco heaven & hell

Evil Cooks is a metal friendly taco spot in LA known for octopus tacos (via Evil_Cooks/Instagram)

Get Your Hands Dirty… Literally

Apprentice Grower (Square Roots)

Curious about hydroponic farming and ready to fight climate change? Square Roots is hiring an Apprentice Grower to join them at their campus in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Beginning as a full-time employee, you’ll learn the ins and ins of indoor farming,  thanks to a bootcamp-style training program where you’ll literally get your hands dirty.

Square Roots is seeking candidates with a passion for food who can also meet the physical demands of the role, such as lifting up to 40 pounds and standing for 6 to 8 hours per day.

Make the Leap into AR

Human Vision Science – Graduate Program (Magic Leap)

Magic Leap is in the augmented reality (AR) business, and they’re seeking PhD and/or Masters candidates who exist in regular reality (R) for their 3-month summer program for under-represented students in engineering.

As part of Magic Leap’s Quantified Experience (QX) team, you’ll work within the field of human vision science to investigate the perceptual and experiential consequences of technical trade-offs in AR and spatial computing, as well as provide direction for technical innovations. 

Knowledge of psychophysics and research methods for measuring subjective visual experiences are a big plus.

A Major Laser (Safety) Internship

Opto-Mech Engineer Intern (Velodyne Lidar)

Velodyne Lidar employs Laser Safety Engineers to make sure that products – like the sensor technology systems used for autonomous vehicles – remain beaming with safety.

This summer, they’re bringing on Opto-Mech Engineer Interns to support Velodyne Lidar’s more experienced engineers with tasks like testing and evaluating system performance under various stress conditions, thermal testing and analysis, preparing and presenting test summaries, and organizing intra-company laser tag (okay, that’s probably not a thing you do at a professional R&D facility).

You’ll need to be working toward an MS or PhD in mechanical engineering, industrial design, applied physics, or electrical engineering, and you’ll need to have completed at least 1.5 years of coursework, with an emphasis on 3D design or thermal.

Announcing Uncubed & Mediabistro’s Q2 Social Good Partner

Longtime Intel readers know that, each quarter, our team selects a partner whose mission and values we believe in supporting. This quarter, we’ve selected the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)!

To learn more about AISES, the work they do, and how you can support them, read our full announcement here.

Is your company hiring? 

Post your jobs on Uncubed! All BIPOC-owned and led businesses are eligible to receive a 60% discount on our job board. To receive your discount or learn more, please email: [email protected].

Stuff You Can Thank Us For Later

Disaster (Girl) Strikes Again

If you’re dipping your toes into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), check the Internet archives to see whether that much-hated childhood photo of you might be worth something… $500,000 perhaps?

Office Policies

At least 20 of Basecamp’s 57 employees have publicly posted their intent to pack up their tent and leave after CEO Jason Fried announced a ban on political discussion using company accounts and tools, which were categorized by Fried as a “major distraction.”

50 Developer Communities You Might Want to Join

Are you new to software development and looking for groups that can offer a support system? Analytics Insight published a list of 50 developer communities that you’ll want to get familiar with immediately. 

The 🌮 Report

Think you’ve tried all the tacos? Evil Cooks, a Los Angeles-based pop-up specializing in “new-traditional Mexican food with an evil twist,” now features black octopus tacos on its menu (ask for “The Poseidon”). 

What we love about this operation from the husband-and-wife team of Chefs Alex Garcia and Elvia Huerta is that they’re really pushing the whole modern-spin-on-traditional-tacos trend, but not in that always-disappointing “I placed one luxury ingredient on a too-small taco” way. 

Evil Cooks is known for their use of an old Mayan marinade called recado negro: a burnt combination of spices, dry chiles, tortilla, and cacao.

Another notable feature? A love for death metal music. Seriously, if you visit, chat up the owners about metal; they want to be known as LA’s premiere metal taco spot.

And in addition to black octopus tacos from their “Hell” menu, they’ve got a full vegan and vegetarian “Heaven” menu that includes vegan chicharrón and green chorizo. Plus they’re reinventing dessert tacos with flan, churro, and churro cheesecake tacos.

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