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Relationship app Willow withholds pictures until after conversations start

Genuine conversation can get messy.

The Blindest Date

We’ve all heard about love at first sight. But what about love at first IM?

Willow is an iOS dating app that challenges users to make connections based on brief Q&A’s before seeing any pictures. Users find people nearby and strike up a conversation using the app’s Q&A format. Only after questions are answered can users choose to reveal photos.

Launched in February after amassing over 100,000 beta version downloads, Willow presents a formidable yin to Tinder’s yang.

“You can match with a bunch of people that you think are good looking but you don’t really know much about them until you start talking to them,” founder Michael Bruch said. “If I’m going to spend time with someone I want to know that we have something to talk about – that’s what’s important to me.”

But Willow is not merely a dating app. According to Bruch, roughly 70% of users search for both men and women to talk to.

“Willow’s strength lies in building fun, meaningful conversations between strangers who otherwise might never have the opportunity to talk with one another,” he wrote.

You can download Willow here.

Now go forth (and inquire).


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