How Is Rent the Runway Moving Your Closet to the Cloud?

Cloud Sourced

While most people know Rent the Runway as the country’s leading lender of LBDs and workwear, the nine-year old startup also happens to be the country’s largest dry-cleaning business.

As Rent The Runway CTO Josh Builder notes, the company turns around, on average, 50,000 to 55,000 items on a daily basis – over 65,000 during peak seasons and holidays – and 100% of that inventory comes back to them.

As veritable stylists and dry-cleaning experts, RTR must keep track of not only the latest fashion trends, but also a wide variety of inventory and chemical mixes to keep their clothes in red-carpet shape. To do this, RTR is shifting many of their operations to the cloud.

Watch to find out how they pulled it off.