Revealing John Goodman’s Fitness Routine

New Orleans-based incendii blows stuff up in New Orleans

It used to be that working in the movie business meant living in Hollywood and accepting that star maps, televised car chases, and Perez Hilton were an inescapable part of an air-conditioned, gluten-free lifestyle. Thankfully, that’s changed.

A decade long run of tax incentives has made New Orleans the film industry’s number three US market – and a viable home for those in the business. That development was a godsend for incendii, which provides visual effects design services for film and TV production. The startup’s founder, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss relocated to New Orleans after realizing that sleeping at the office had become routine while working in Los Angeles. “I couldn’t wait to get out of there,” he told us.

incendii, whose effects work has appeared in films such asAvatar, is thriving as more Hollywood production talent relocates to New Orleans. “You’re seeing 30 year vets move here for good,” Seherr-Thoss said, “not just for one-off jobs.”

“The industry loves [New Orleans], too. Nic Cage is here. Sandra Bullock is here. No one bothers them, there’s no paparazzi. I used to see John Goodman every day. He jogs, then orders a shake – every day.”

To get a look at incendii’s work, just watch the strangely compelling creation of an exploding limo sequence for the 21 Jump Street feature.

Now go forth (and explode).

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