The Revenge of Y2K?

2K or Not 2K

You win this time, Y2K doomsayers. Sort of. The turn of the new decade has resulted in a variety of technical glitches across parking meters, subway systems, and wrestling video games. Why? Twenty years ago, some developers appear to have taken the easy way out.

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Face The Facts

Concerned about the future of facial recognition? These 40 US organizations who have called for a moratorium on the technology sure are. Not sure how to feel? This California Sunday deep dive has you covered.

The Right Track?

Hate being micromanaged? Then maybe it’s best not to think about FastCompany’s forecast of how employee tracking might look in twenty years. In less disturbing news, Google is using AI to track endangered orcas in Vancouver Bay, as well as illegal lumber operations in rainforests. 

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You Get A Rep, You Get A Rep

Hollywood starlets and professional athletes aren’t the only workers who deserve representation. Free Agency is a New York-based agency geared towards elite technical talent

We like to help technical talent too, as you’re probably aware. So let’s wrap up this week with a wide range of openings for engineers.