Pixel Art

A still from Opening the Kimono (Image courtesy the New Museum)

Rhizome and the New Museum partner to bring online-only art to the public

Sometimes it’s good to remember that the web isn’t only good for making a buck. It’s also capable of being art.

The New Museum’s First Look: New Art Online program has presented the best in online-only digital art projects since 2012. Last week they announced that they would be partnering with online arts organization Rhizome to feature eight new pieces every year.

“The New Museum and Rhizome are both uniquely committed to art engaged with digital technology,” curator Lauren Cornell said in a statement. “Bringing our curatorial efforts and communities together around this program will lend even greater support to featured works.”

First out of the gates from this new alliance is artist Frances Stark’s and notorious Snapchat developer David Kravitz’s Opening the Kimono, an occasionally funny, albeit achingly slow, iMessage exchange that takes on tech culture, sexting, and a lot more.

September will feature work from the always-divisive Miranda July, and in October, Amalia Ulman, a multimedia artist who works in everything from sculpture to Skype lectures, will be featured.

You can check out all of New Museum’s First Look pieces here.

Now go forth (and get creative).