Love, Jobs & Robots: 4 Robotics Companies Hiring Now

If you’ve been watching too much Netflix lately, you may be convinced of an impending robot apocalypse. We’ll remain neutral on that debate, and stick to what we know best: great tech jobs. Here are a half-dozen innovative robotics companies hiring now.

Vicarious: Vicarious is aiming to develop robots with “human-level intelligence”. If that sounds like the stuff of a brave new world (and not the stuff of nightmares), then now may be the best time to join their team. They’re hiring for engineering, operations, and research roles, all in San Francisco.

Marble: Marble’s vision for a robot-enabled future gets a little more specific: they’re creating a “fleet of intelligent courier robots” that can deliver everything from a bag of groceries to a supply of much-needed medicine. They’re currently looking for a VP of Business Development — sound like you?

Starsky Robotics: Maybe you’ve crossed paths with a driverless car. But a driverless 18-wheeler? Starsky Robotics is working towards a future in which they can operate freight trucks via remote control. Sound like a future you want to take part in creating? They’re hiring for numerous engineering and operations roles in San Francisco.

Symbotic: Before those driverless trucks haul freight across the country, that freight has to be manufactured in the first place — and Symbotic is leveraging robotics for that process as well, as they aim to improve safety and efficiency in manufacturing. They’ve got roles open in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, and beyond.




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