RXACTIVE shorts and leggings help you get the most out of your workout

Image courtesy RXACTIVE

Futuristic Fitness

You want to exercise, but never seem to have enough time to make it worth your while. But what if you could burn more calories in less time – just by wearing different pants?

RXACTIVE is an NYC-based startup that creates fitness wear with built-in resistance. The shorts and leggings feature integrated elastic bands and panels, making the wearer work harder with every step. According to RXACTIVE, you can stimulate 23% more muscle activity and burn 14% more calories in the same workout.

The idea came from an unexpected duo – New York University medical student Frank Yao and former Olympics fencer Keeth Smart. Originally, they sought to create the clothing for medical applications.

“In the clinic, often the doctor will tell the patient to exercise more,” Yao told us, “but it’s very hard to change people’s habits. So we were thinking as students, is there a way that we can use something as versatile as clothing and turn it into a tool to help rehabilitate them and get them to that minimum baseline of physical activity?”

Soon, however, the pair saw a future in creating a more business-facing model, catering to fitness fanatics. RXACTIVE’s recently launched IndieGoGo campaign hit their $30,000 goal in just 24 hours.

You can pre-order RXACTIVE – they run $89 – right here. They’re expected to ship in November.

Now go forth (and go harder).