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It's like dinner with friends. With strangers.

San Francisco's EatWith serves up novel dining experiences around the world

Anywhere there is a tourist, there exists a tourist trap, serving warmed-over slop sold at twice the price of typical fare.

EatWith has opened hundreds of “home restaurants” around the world, allowing adventurous diners to visit the homes of highly-vetted chefs to experience a one-of-a-kind dining experience, without suffering through “local” cuisine.

Headquartered in San Francisco, with small offices in Barcelona and New York, EatWith is currently available in 160 cities and 32 countries.

Although the company was inspired by the experience of being a foreign traveller in a (relatively) unknown land, EatWith has found its intended audience growing alongside its locations.

“Guy [Michlin], our founder, went to Greece with his family, but he couldn’t find any great local food. By chance, he got invited to a dinner at someone’s house, and it completely changed his experience,” Director of Communication Naama Shefi told us. “So when we started, the idea was that we were targeted to travellers who wanted this authentic experience.

“But when we launched in NY, we realized that to be relevant, we couldn’t appeal just to tourists. We had to make this something for local food lovers.”

The numbers bear that out. Between 75% and 95% of EatWith’s clients in New York and San Francisco are locals.

Want to give EatWith a try? They’re offering a 10% discount to Wakefield readers, valid through February 12. Just use the code UncubedEW at checkout and you’re set. You can see all that EatWith has to offer here.

Now go forth (and dine out).


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