Crunch and Lunch

Just another lunch hour at Google

San Francisco’s Cater2.me will cater to your office manager’s every whim

Lunch used to mean something – the “power lunch” was a deal-making, expense account-fueled meal that was a staple of the 70s and 80s. But now that everyone is locked to their computers every waking hour, even a quick lunch break has disappeared from the workplace.

Online catering service Cater2.me is bringing the power lunch to the office. The company searches out the best food trucks and restaurants in the city for delivery, while still offering highly customized meals that will accommodate every food allergy and gluten aversion.

“Meals are increasingly being seen as an employee benefit,” Cindy Mai, Cater2.me’s Director of Marketing, said. “It’s far more common than before. But it’s nice to have something other than just sandwiches.”

Originally launched in San Francisco, the company has expanded its reach to include New York, Chicago, and Washington DC.

“Talking to restaurant owners and office managers, we found that there just wasn’t good communication between the two sides,” cofounder Alex Lorton told us. “It just wasn’t easy to find interesting food vendors… and a lot of food trucks had trouble managing the logistics of handling these kinds of orders.”

Founded in November 2010, the company now employs nearly 50 people in four offices across the country. By the end of this year, Cater2.me anticipates the team will expand to nearly 75.

For now, they’re hiring for five open positions in San Francisco and New York – details here.

Now go forth (and eat up).

Nitty Gritty:

2009: Year Showtime’s Party Down, about cater waiters in LA, debuted

2: # of seasons of the show

10/7/13: Date Party Down star Adam Scott said plans for a feature film adaptation are “nowhere”