Meet the firms connecting white hat hackers with cold hard cash

Hack of All Trades

Yesterday, Netflix launched a bug bounty program, offering up to $15,000 for any techie who finds and reports security vulnerabilities to the streamer.

Netflix is running their hunt through Bugcrowd, one of several platforms promising hackers with a heart of gold some cold hard cash.

San Francisco-based HackerOne similarly connects “white-hat” hackers with companies looking to ensure their online security is uncompromised. Corporations like Twitter, Dropbox, and General Motors offer bounties for the discovery of bugs and security flaws, and HackerOne takes a 20% commission from companies for each find.

HackerOne says they’ve paid out more than $24 million to their network of hackers to date. And with the cybersecurity market projected to be a $155.7 billion industry by 2019, that number should grow very big, very fast.

“We want to make it easy and rewarding for that next group of skilled hackers to have a viable career staying in defense,” Katie Moussouris, the company’s Chief Policy Officer, said.

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