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San Francisco’s Joyable hopes to treat social anxiety through your smartphone

Option A or option B?

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The modern world, it goes without saying, is an anxious place. Of course, the ancient world was likely anxious as well, what with all the tyrannical warlords and dragons running around.

Thankfully, contemporary anxiety sufferers have access to a suite of remedies – newest among them is San Francisco’s Joyable. The company offers activities and a dedicated coach to help those struggling with social anxiety disorders.

Joyable’s goals are nothing if not lofty. “I believe mental health is the single biggest waste of human potential in the developed world,” cofounder and CEO Peter Shalek said. “Our mission is to cure the world of anxiety and depression.”

Joyable uses cognitive behavioral therapy, currently a go-to therapeutic method, to help treat users. “CBT is the most effective treatment for social anxiety, bar none…” Shalek said. “It’s more effective than medication and more effective than other forms of therapy.”

Plans start at $99 per month, but if you’re interested in giving Joyable a try before committing, the company offers a free seven-day trial. Get more information and sign up here.

Now go forth (and don’t take a chill pill).


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