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Need a new gig? 1010data is hiring. We know COVID-19’s impact on the global economy has all of us questioning what we can do to help in its recovery. Here at Uncubed, we’re launching our first dedicated virtual hiring event and information session featuring 1010data on May 7th.

Founded in 2000, 1010data has called New York City home for two decades, providing insights through analytics and custom solutions for a range of clients across industries, from retail to financial services. And with 20 years of experience developing Big Apple tech talent, their culture has been shaped by an ability to navigate change in an industry that’s continuously evolving. Now, they’re ready to bring on a fresh set of self-starters who are ready to take on a new challenge in 2020. The people who work here value their quirky culture and celebrate it constantly. They even made up their own holiday, 10/10 Day, which is kind of like Pi Day but with better games and you get to eat more than just pizza.

On May 7th, you can chat about featured opportunities across sales, engineering, and data science at Uncubed’s virtual hiring event featuring 1010data. You’ll learn about 1010data’s mission, offering and work-life via sessions and face-to-face Q&A with hiring managers.

Oh, and if you’ve been impacted by recent layoffs, but 1010data isn’t the right fit professionally, you can still take advantage of their team’s offer to have your resume reviewed by completing this form.

Now that you’ve got the 411, your next step should be to apply to attend the event by completing an application for one of the following roles:

Manager, Customer Support (NYC based)

Senior Software Development Engineer, Full Stack (NYC based)

Platform Analyst (NYC based)

Software Data Engineer (NYC based)

Account Executive (Southwest region, can also be NYC based)


Learn it. Know it. Live it.

No shirt and no shoes means no dice at the All American Burger in Ridgemont, but we think Brad Hamilton and company would be fans of no touch payments after reading this Bloomberg article. Speaking of getting paid, Square is looking to bring on a Mobile Engineer to join its Payment Acceptance team in Atlanta.

Everybody’s freeeeee….lancing

Is COVID-19 pushing us all towards a life full of freelancing? Most likely. Forbes discusses findings from a few surveys which suggest more companies will begin to seek out freelancers to fill open roles in the near future. If you’re considering a move to a world free of full time commitment, we’ve rounded up a batch of freelance jobs right here.

Bored of board games?

If you’re looking for something new to sustain happiness during self-isolation, Wired provides a fresh take on Facebook’s brand new gaming app. If you want to play games for a living, check out Crunchyroll Games in San Francisco. They’re hiring for a variety of roles including a Director of Game Operations, Publishing Manager, and Manager, Partnerships and Strategy, Games.


Anyone feel a draft coming on?

To wrap up this edition of Intel, Bloomberg’s breakdown of the NFL’s first totally remote draft is a fascinating read on how technology, particularly that of the mobile variety, is helping power this year’s draft party production. While you wait for your favorite team to make their pick, you can fulfill your love of fitness by applying to Fitbit, which is hiring Staff Software Engineers to focus on keeping their iOS and Android products healthy.


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