Score free food for you and your office from Lunchspread

End the lonely desk salad!

Sample Sale

There is no easier way to become office hero than providing free food. Seriously, just drop some leftover lasagna in the common space, and even the most staid business types will descend on the food like locusts.

There’s an easier way (that doesn’t involve leftovers, either). New York’s Lunchspread delivers free samples from local restaurants for your entire office.

The idea is to break the lunch hour crowd from their Chipotle monotony, while offering independent restaurants the chance to win local business and score a large database of potential customers. Since launching in beta two months ago, the company has partnered with 25 New York restaurants and more than 2,000 customers.

The samples are delivered around 3 p.m., allowing restaurants to avoid the lunch rush. “We do this on purpose and it is part of why we are able to send free food,” cofounder Andrew Wang said. ” In the afternoons, restaurants are often less busy, have excess inventory from lunch and have delivery staff just waiting around. The majority of partner restaurants tell us that sending free samples in this manner actually costs them nearly zero incrementally.”

You can sign up your office for Lunchspread here.

Now go forth (and drop the desk salad).