Home Sweet Home

Images courtesy Porch.

Seattle’s Porch launches app for hiring home pros

All too often, home improvement results in domestic deterioration – as if the inevitable fights with your significant other aren’t enough, there’s also the aching backs and throbbing thumbs to be considered.

Since launching in September 2013, Seattle-based Porch.com have taken aim at the pain of moving into or fixing up a home by offering inspiration, advice, and a network of vetted home professionals. Today, Porch are launching their first iOS app, making home care more convenient than ever before.

Thanks in large part to a data-first approach and a partnership with Lowe’s, Porch have grown rapidly from 25 employees to about 300, according to CEO Matt Ehrlichman. 2.8 million professionals now subscribe to the Porch network – the service is free for homeowners – but Ehrlichman’s inspiration for Porch came from his struggle to find even one suitable professional as he built his family home.

“I’ve got two young kids, and going through that process, it really is remarkable to me, that in almost any other industry in the world, you can go online and become an informed buyer. The home is really the one category where that has not been true,” Ehrlichman told us.

Among its 23 open roles, Porch are looking for a VP of design and customer acquisition manager for mobile. Check out Porch’s careers page here.

And for those in search of domestic bliss, you can download the app here.

Now go forth (and make that house a home).