Seven Days of Creation

Bespoke Post cuts it close

It took several years and (and a few hundred million bucks) to make Kevin Costner’s famously terrible “Waterworld”. Cult classic “Mad Max”, meanwhile, was shot in just a few months.

New York’s Bespoke Post took the “Mad Max” route. Founded by B-school friends Steve Szaronos and Rishi Prabhu, the company offers men a “Box of Awesome” – a monthly delivery of high-end goods to take his life up a notch. The business was born in only seven days.

Although Szaronos and Prabhu were members of the inaugural Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, their company was hardly the result of many months of consideration. “We had worked on a completely different business idea,” Szaronos told us. “Which we abandoned about a week before our demo day.”

Bespoke Post was created over the course of seven frantic days, but the rousing response to their demo confirmed the pair had made the right choice. “Our demo was in late September,” Szaronos said. “In October, we put up the website, and in November we started shipping product.”

In the eight months since, Bespoke Post has partnered with Details Magazine, American Airlines, and Lot18, hired a creative director, and seen its subscriber base grow exponentially. Not bad for an idea that was hatched in the course of a week.

Get your own box of awesome here.

Now go forth (and cram).

Nitty Gritty:

$45: Monthly charge for a Bespoke Post subscription

$75: Approximate retail value of each month’s box

$100mm: Worldwide gross of “Mad Max”

$35mm: Dollars added to Hawaii’s economy from Waterworld’s production