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We Have a Winner!

A scene from last night's gala Uncubed Awards (not really)

Seven winners in fact. Meet the best in New York startups.

When we asked for nominations in the best of New York’s startup culture, we expected an enthusiastic response. And we got one. What we didn’t expect was just how jealous we would get. Check out the winners and join us in our green-eyed envy.

Best Office Quirk
Mattress startup Casper takes the prize here – their in-office showroom doubles as a space for quick employee naps. Now that’s how you eat your own dog food.

Best View
This one was a squeaker. But ultimately we couldn’t help but be swayed by the incredible pictures Return Path sent up from their offices on the top floor of 3 Park Avenue in Midtown.



Best Snacks
They spoke (and tweeted and emailed…), and we listened. NewsCred’s cornucopia of snacks – from the healthful to the downright deadly – wins the prize.

Best Lunch
We have seen a lot of great lunches in our time, but it’s hard to beat the offerings at Stack Exchange – they’ve got two in-house chefs who prepare some incredibly impressive food.

Best Office Dog
It’s really not easy picking a winner here. Especially knowing that we’re going to be breaking a lot of hearts, but we didn’t get into this business because it’s easy. So, without further ado, prize pooch goes to Stella Han, canine coworker at SOLS. Just take a look at Stella Han with SOLS CEO Kegan Schouwenberg and tell us you could say no.


Best Office Art
Sure, we’re all about digital, but we’re still partial to the printed word. That’s why Oyster’s office art – creative takes on classic book covers – wins this one.


Best Perk
David Rose himself, the CEO of Gust, wrote in to tell us about the incredible outings that he plans for employees. In his own words…

“At Gust, by long-standing company tradition, our annual company outings are surprises. And that means a complete and total surprise to everyone, as in “not a single person knows a single thing about it in advance”… except for the CEO (me!), who personally sets everything up, from designing the t-shirts to chartering the buses. Over the past few years, these surprise outings have included:

  • A Japanese banquet and Ninja training, followed by exclusive access to a state-of-the-art LaserTag battlefield.
  • A private luxury rail car to the horse track at Saratoga Springs, to watch the Gust Race and give the garland to the winner.
  • A “summer in East Hampton compressed into one day”, starting with the Hampton Jitney taking the whole company to Wolffer Estate Vineyard for breakfast, and ending with a sunset clambake on Main Beach.
  • An entire day at SpaWorld, with everyone getting massages, saunas and more.
  • An exclusive live Safari, followed by VIP access to every ride at Six Flags Great Adventure.”

Best Office Cat
We didn’t receive any nominations in this category. Unfortunately, we also don’t know any office cats. Frankly, we’re very disappointed in all of you.

Now go forth (and you’re all winners).


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