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SF’s Boxbee is fixing that overcrowded apartment

There are endless advantages to living in a major American city, but space is not one of them. Enter the apartment of many typical New Yorkers and you’d think you just walked onto the set of Hoarders.

San Francisco-based startup Boxbee is promising to free up some square footage in those overstuffed bandboxes we call home. The company makes the self-storage process relatively painless and remarkably simple.

The company will deliver boxes to a customer’s door; the customer fills up those boxes; Boxbee picks up the boxes and lodges them at their “secure storage hives”. Right now the service is available in San Francisco and Manhattan and charges $6 per box per month.

“Cloud-based services like Google Drive and DropBox can move files around wherever you go,” founder and CEO Kristoph Matthews said. “Why not apply that ease to physical stuff as well?”

Boxbee grew out of San Francisco accelerator AngelPad, and earlier this year won best new startup at the Launch festival. They’ve also attracted investors like Dave McClure and Jason Calacanis.

The company’s looking to hire for two open positions out of its downtown San Francisco headquarters. Get the details here.

Now go forth (and get some space).

Nitty Gritty:

4,600: Persons per square mile in New York City

24,200: Persons per square mile in Manila, Philippines

115,000: Persons per square mile in Dhaka, Bangladesh


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