Punch Drunk

Those loyalty punch cards aren't much different.

ShoutEm is introducing a better loyalty card for small businesses

As promotions go, Buy-10-Get-1-Free isn’t much, but somehow, the allure of one free sandwich or skim latte has driven us to load our wallets with an inch-thick stack of loyalty cards. No more.

ShoutEm offers 15 point-and-click modules for small businesses to build their own fully-customized mobile apps, without going through the expense of hiring developers.

Today, the company introduced a Loyalty App builder, allowing storefronts to replace those dreaded punch cards, and other analog loyalty programs, with a customizable mobile app.

The New York and Zagreb-based startup spun off from Croatian mobile development shop Five in February 2011; today the platform powers more than 4000 active apps worldwide.

“For the last three years we’ve been focused on helping small businesses create a presence with our platform,” CEO Victor Marhonić told us. “But sometimes an app alone doesn’t provide enough value. So we started to think about what those businesses might need, and in talking to many of them, it was clear that the ability to set up a loyalty program would be a huge competitive edge.”

ShoutEm’s New York office – currently a team of five – is expanding. Right now, they’re looking for a sales development representative, with more open positions on the way. Get more information here.

Now go forth (and punch out).