6 Tips to Help You Keep That Vacation Vibe Going

Start planning your next vacation now.

Extended Vacation

You had the perfect vacation abroad, or maybe it was just a long weekend staycation incorporating a lot of Netflix. But that’s all over, and now you’re at your desk. While you can’t go back to the beach or your couch just yet, we can help you keep those vacation vibes going at the office.

Here are our six tips for extending your vacation–if only in your mind.

Unpack and Be Present
It can be tempting to leave your suitcase in a corner, but experts suggest otherwise. “Unpack from your trip as soon as you get home,” writes Scott Edinger in Harvard Business Review. “Letting your bags linger about creates mental clutter, and adds one more thing you have to do. Unpacking and putting your things away is an important physical step in getting back into a groove and operating smoothly.”

Take Small Breaks
Ease back into work by taking plenty of breaks. Planning a lunch date will give you something to look forward to midday. Or plan mini breaks throughout the day. We’re fans of the Pomodoro technique. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Work like hell. Take a break. Repeat.

Opt Out of Email
Chances are your email was working overtime while you were on vacation. The internet is full of suggestions on how to efficiently tackle your inbox, but we really like the idea of just deleting all of your emails upon your return, a system which David M. Ewalt argues for in Forbes. “If you’ve set up an out-of-office message, people know you’re not around, and they solve their own problems, or resolve to make contact when you return.”

When your coworkers ask how your trip was, none of them want a long detailed answer. But a bit of reminiscing can extend the happiness you experienced while you were away.

“Most people snap back to their particular baseline level of happiness shortly after returning from a vacation,” writes Stephanie Rosenbloom in the New York Times. “But psychologists say that reminiscing about a trip, even long after it’s over, can bring deep pleasure in the present.”

So go ahead and click through the Facebook album from your trip to Spain, rewatch that video of you on a zipline, or read a review of the show you binge-watched. You can even pick a few choice details to share with coworkers.

Decorate Your Desk
In an increasingly globalized world, where you can order anything online, there are not a lot of reasons to bring back any purchases from your vacation. Well, here’s one reason: a well-placed souvenir can remind you of your trip when you’re slogging through post-vacation emails.

“Engineering ways to recall past feelings can be tricky after a trip has ended since we’re not often prompted to share our stories,” according to an interview with Dr. Leaf Van Boven, a social psychology professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, in US News. “But placing mementos around the house can be an effective strategy for sparking recollection.” We think putting souvenirs around your desk can have the same impact and might even prompt questions from colleagues about your travels. Cue reminiscing.

Plan Your Next Vacation
Already excited for of your next vacation? That might be a great way get those vacation vibes going again.

“Some psychologists [including Dr. Van Boven] recommend drawing out the planning and anticipation of going away,” writes Sumathi Reddy in the Wall Street Journal. “The researchers found that anticipation led to more intense and satisfying emotions than the act of remembering past experiences.”

So the trick is to always be on vacation or planning your next one.


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