Hacking Your Lunch

Sally will gladly trade you her delicious broccoli for that ugly cookie.

Six ways to get the most out of your lunch hour

Fifty years ago, American poet Frank O’Hara published Lunch Poems, a collection of verse he scribbled down during his lunch hour at work. In honor of Frank and lunch eaters worldwide, here are six products that can help you get the most out of your lunch break – even if you fall a bit short of writing an American classic.

Pack It In

Attached as you may be to your Power Rangers lunch box, it’s time to find a way to pack your lunch in style. Boasting a line of sleek and slim “foodskins”, “foodbooks”, and “foodbags”, Compleat offers packaging products for pasta salad and PB&J lovers alike. Miss that youthful feeling from staring at Red Ranger while you eat? Never fear, Compleat sells customizable stickers as well.

Walk It Out

Perhaps the walls of your office feel like they’re closing in on you, and that hour of lunch is best spent in the great wide world beyond. With RunKeeper’s step-tracking app Breeze you can set daily walking goals to knock out on your way to, and from, that dimly lit sandwich spot across town.

Take A Rest

If this Indian Summer has put you in a sweaty stupor and you need a little “breather”, rest assured: there’s an app for that! Breather enables you reserve private spaces from your smartphone so that you can rest your legs and pass some time in peace. While you’re relaxing, use Clear to see what you’ve accomplished today, and what you have left to do.

Fall In Love

The lunch date has been a staple of casual courtship since the unspoken pressures of dinner dates intimidated our forefathers long ago. With online dating service It’s Just Lunch, you can meet the (wo)man of your dreams (or at least the (wo)man with whom you share one less lonely meal).

Share Your Grub

Squeamish readers beware: this one’s not for the faint of gut. LeftoverSwap lets you raid a fridge near you for cheap hand-me-down meals. Mom’s Monday night mac and cheese never sounded so safe.

Now go forth (and chew your food.)