Skills That Pay the Bills

Share your wisdom and score some green with Skillshare

To think of the countless hours we’ve spent training Nana how to adjust the clock on her VCR. The pride we felt after teaching our little brother to belch at command. Isn’t it time to profit from all the wisdom we have to share?

In its two years since launch, Skillshare has become a go-to destination for both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs looking to set up classes and start teaching.

“Master Teacher” Avi Flombaum is perhaps the company’s biggest success story. After meeting Skillshare CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn at a poker game, Flombaum began teaching a Ruby on Rails class a little over a year ago. Since then, Flombaum has quit his day job to focus on teaching full time.

But it’s not just techies who need apply. Witness New York’s Beginners Body Painting Workshop and San Francisco’s How to Prepare for Your First Burning Man Experience. Or take inspiration from ten-year-old Vaughn McGill-Adami, who taught a Las Vegas class on the basics of Minecraft (his mother served as TA).

You can learn more about teaching a Skillshare class of your own here.

Now go forth (and teach a man to fish).

Nitty Gritty:

3: Jobs available at Skillshare

6: Classes on pokercurrently offered in New York

15: Classes on cupcakes currently offered in New York


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