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Roam Free (Almost)

Image courtesy Skyroam

Skyroam's 3GMate takes the fear out of roaming

Like a loyal companion, our smartphones never leave our side. When we’re abroad, however, the temptation to get online can overwhelm our better judgment. The resulting financial blow is often crippling.

No longer. Whether you want to stream Miley in Malaysia or tweet from Tajikistan, Skyroam’s 3GMate offers unlimited mobile data for $10 a day.

Using the company’s patented technology, the 3GMate is a mobile hotspot that identifies your location and utilizes local data routing to get you connected quickly – and you don’t even have to change your SIM card.

Available in over 40 countries with many more coming soon, the global mobile hotspot can connect up to five devices. In addition, the 3GMate keeps your data secure from those pesky international hackers.

Word to the wise, though – the 3GMate does not cover mobile voice calls, unless of course you use an app.

You can purchase a 3GMate for $99.99 here. The hotspot comes with a battery, micro USB cable, and 5 day passes to get you roaming for cheap.

Now go forth (and avoid bill shock).


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