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Slate NYC Offers Daily Maid Service From Just $20 a Day

Meet your new best friends.

Clean Slate

Imagine returning home every day to discover that your bed has been made, your clothes have been cleaned, and those dirty dishes are but a memory. Either you’re living in a hotel, living with your mom, or you’ve got serious cash.

Slate NYC, however, promises just that – a cleaner comes to users’ homes every weekday for about 45 minutes and keeps everything in tip-top condition. And here’s the truly magical part – the service starts at $20 per day.

Slate NYC started life ten years ago, when CEO Miguel Zabludovsky began picking up laundry and dry cleaning on his bicycle. Two years later, Slate NYC had built their own dry cleaning facility and in 2009 Rent the Runway launched out of the facility.

“Around then we asked ourselves, ‘What else can we sell to our customers?'” Zabludovsky told us. “And we figured they already trust us with their clothes, let’s clean their homes. About two years after we launched that, I met Jake [Schwartz], the cofounder of General Assembly, who said, ‘Why isn’t there a company that cleans my house every day?’ I said, ‘When do you want to start?’ He was our first customer.”

Slate didn’t begin building out their daily maid service until recently, however – the offering launched for all of New York City in January. “We started this year with three users,” Zabludovsky said, “and in August we had 100, all through word of mouth.”

You can try out the first week of Slate’s NYC service free – get more information here.


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