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Sleep startup Casper launches today with a better bed

Sure, used car lots have a reputation for a less-than-ideal buying experience, but they’re hardly unique. Try shopping for a mattress and prepare for meaningless jargon, inexplicable pricing, and a ten-second test drive under the creepy glare of an overdressed salesman.

Launching today, New York’s Casper promises to reinvent both the mattress-buying experience and the mattress itself, at half the price of a comparable product – $500 for a twin-sized and $950 for a king – and with a 40-night free return policy.

“When you walk into a Sleepy’s every bed that you see – with the exception of a few brands – is exclusive to Sleepy’s,” Casper cofounder and CEO Philip Krim told us. “So you can’t comparison shop or know what you’re getting.

“But it’s a category where there’s a ton of search going on, because it’s such an expensive and important purchase. So we see a tremendous opportunity in reinventing the production process, creating a brand that really resonates with our target audience, and rethinking every step of the shopping experience.”

A team of five, Casper plans on hiring across the board – you can get in touch with them here.

And if you’re interested in taking the Casper out for a test drive, you can get more information here.

Now go forth (and sleep on it).

Nitty Gritty:

1953: Year REM sleep was discovered

2: Typical length, in hours, of REM sleep

1983: Year REM released their debut album, Murmur