Are Small Business Owners Getting Younger?

Rider Not Required

No, that’s not a ghost taking a joyride on an electric scooter. A new startup launched by a former Uber exec called Tortoise is deploying autonomous technology to reposition and relocate electric scooters and bikes to more highly-trafficked areas after they’re parked. 

Speaking of unmanned vehicles: the Balloon Boy hoax just turned 10 years old. Ah, simpler times.

(For good measure, here’s a smattering of the best jobs in transportation tech.)

Millennial Mom and Pop?

Baby boomers still own the majority of small businesses in America, while millennials still lag far behind, owning no more than 9.4% of businesses in any one state, according to a WorkWise study. But as Mom and Pop near retirement, millennials appear primed to take over.

Concerning Admissions 

Move aside, GPA and SAT scores. Some universities are now digging into applicants’ personal data — including browsing history and household income — and are working with consulting firms to determine which applicants would be the best candidates for admission. And according to the Washington Post, most of these universities are not entirely forthcoming with applicants about the purpose of this data tracking, raising significant privacy concerns.

Tech To The Rescue

Instead of dwelling on the notion of end-times, here’s a healthy dose of optimism, in the form of Wired’s list of 25 people racing to save us all. The list features people taking on crop disease, orbital debris, manipulative algorithms, deepfakes, cancer, and other threats. Feeling inspired to help build a better future? Here’s a list of opportunities in sustainability.