Soda Ads in Space

Deploying the new ad blockers. (Credit: Giphy / US National Archives)

Space Invaders

After public outcry, Pepsi is scrapping plans to advertise in space through the Russian startup StartRocket and its “orbital billboards”. (Well done, public.) Our skies are safe for now.

But there’s still plenty of work in adtech, down here on Earth. Explore 1,000+ jobs here including at Vistar Media.

Secret Ingredient

Fancy, lab-grown meatless burgers might be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing newsworthy happening on the classic junk food front.

Chips Ahoy! announced a recall after finding an “unexpected solidified ingredient” in its cookies. Any guesses?

If you’re into food and secret ingredients, check out these opportunities in food tech.

Near Beer

Sticking on the food and drink theme, ZX Ventures has a handful of open positions in marketing, e-commerce, and data engineering in NYC. Check them out here.

ZX is the innovation arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev, and also owns, incubates, and invests in a portfolio of beer, beer-adjacent, and other beverage-related businesses.

Have questions about ZX? Ask their Watson-powered chatbot.


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