Software and Startups for Getting Over an Ex

The Heart Will Go On

There’re a million ways to get dumped these days – text, email, Twitter, or a Facebook relationship status update. But have no fear – there are just as many ways for getting over an ex.

So how do you survive heartbreak in the era of social media, Instagram stalking, and always-on communications?

Take a Break

Do Facebook posts from your ex keep popping up on your newsfeed? Check out the platform’s Take a Break – the feature allows you to remove a person’s posts from your newsfeed, limit what that person can see, as well as untag photos and bury posts that mention him or her, without actually forcing you to unfriend anybody.


Still can’t get over your ex? The iOS app Mend bills itself as “your personal trainer for heartbreak.” Offering daily audio training, guided journal entries, and advice from fellow survivors, the app’s first week of training is free. After that, a one-month subscription will run $10.


The iOS and Android app BreakUpBuddy offers real-time events where you can meet up with the similarly broken-hearted. According to the site, their matching algorithm “uses details of your break up and interests to connect you to like-minded people.”


For relationships that require a more legally binding breakup than social media will allow, try Wevorce. The company connects couples to mediators and lawyers who specialize in amicable divorce. Typically, a Wevorce divorce costs $749 compared to the national average of $15,000. The process is quicker too – 30 days as opposed to three-six months.


Ready to file? Think of Separate.us as the TurboTax of divorce. The company was co-founded by divorce attorney Sandro Tuzzo, who says he “found the forms to be a real pain in the ass.” With a bit of help, would-be-divorcees can quickly file paperwork on their own.

Turn a Profit

You could burn anything your ex ever touched, or you could sell it and make a buck. The marketplace Never Liked it Anyway is the place to buy and sell relationship relics, while finding solace among other lonely hearts.

Out of Your Life

Was your ex the sort to say it with jewelry? Out of Your Life will take those baubles off your hands. Request a box from the company, load it up with the goods, and send your jewels off to be appraised. The company will send you a check.


If you’re the one doing the dumping, the digital era has devised a panoply of ways to make it easier (though we can’t recommend any of them in good conscience). With BreakupText, you can send a rather long explanation of where the relationship went wrong – among your options is “eaten by a bear”. Please don’t do this.

And the Breakup Gift Pack from Breakup Shop allows you to leave your ex with a parting gift of sorts, including cookies, a Netflix gift card, and a DVD of The Notebook.

It’s time to make room for your next ex.