Software internships and birria tacos

Birria tacos were the hero 2020 needed. (Credit @birrialandianyc/Instagram)

The “First Job After College” Section

Junior Software Engineer, Consumer Product

Can you say 🍻  to writing good, clean, and well-tested code?

Drizly’s online marketplace is stocked with beer, wine, and spirits. One thing they don’t have enough of, though, are Junior Software Engineers who know how to build web apps using Ruby and React.

Tech Internship of the Week

Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2021)

Intuit – maker of Mint, TurboTax, and other heroic financial software – is also a maker of internships across full-stack, front-end, backend, security, devops, and mobile development.

If you’re currently enrolled in a BS or MS program for computer science (or a related field); have experience with Java or C++ or C#; and front-end skills like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are in your toolbox; then go ahead and click “Apply.”

(A quick note that this internship is available exclusively through Uncubed’s Finalist network. You’ll see a lot more about Finalist hitting our site in the weeks ahead.)

Non-Tech Internship of the Week

Retail Marketing – Channel Development Intern (Summer 2021)

PlayStation’s North America Business Operations team is looking for a game-changing intern to advance their channel development business. 

You will provide marketing support to key channels like PC, Telco, and Digital at Retail in North America, as well as work on channel marketing efficiency testing, customer segmentation, and insights about the competitive landscape and local market conditions to increase sales.

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Resources You Can Thank Us For Later

The 🌮 Report: You Should Give In & Eat A Birria Taco

Still on the fence about whether dipping a taco into a warm cup of stew is the move you want to make while eating lunch at your desk?

Eater has an in-depth article about how birria-style tacos were the warm hug that everyone needed to get through 2020.

(Just make sure to clean your keyboard afterwards.)

Personal Scenario I’m We’re Dealing With @ Uncubed’s Remote Offices

A member of the Uncubed team is about 5 years into raising their MacBook Air and is at the stage where their battery is officially a teenager, meaning it doesn’t respect authority.

The MacBook Air is fine when tethered to a wall, but as soon as there’s a little distance, it tries to disappear ever so slowly until it’s gone and you start wondering if it’s ever going to come back and if it was something you said?

Because, to be honest, you do raise your voice with the MacBook Air when it doesn’t do what it’s programmed to do (even though we will discover later on that it’s 99% user error that’s causing the issue to begin with).

Should this Uncubed team member…

  1. Try to book an appointment at an Apple Store during a pandemic while wondering whether or not this will actually fix the situation, or should I just come to terms with the fact that my digital child no longer loves me?
  2. Continue using my their MacBook Air and be thankful for what I (okay, the team member is me) have in life?
  3. Trade in my disgruntled teenage laptop for a newborn that is full of life and never look back?
  4. I’d rather just take this time to talk to you about something else because 2021 has got 2020 vibes written all over it already.

Let us (me) know your thoughts by emailing [email protected].