Soul Camp is bringing some digital detox to the camping experience

Just wait until you can canoe in virtual reality.

Cabin Fever

In an era of always on communications, the idea of getting away from it all has never seemed better. Even Don Draper felt the need to escape to Esalen, and he’s never heard of a cell phone.

Enter Soul Camp, an “adult sleepaway camp for the soul”, with two upcoming events in the Pocono Mountains and Wonder Valley, California.

Swap out those pitchers of Kool-Aid for kale smoothies and replace ghost stories with New Age-y healing sessions, and you get the idea.

The camp was launched last summer by two friends – Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum – who actually met at summer camp themselves.

“We’re both entrepreneurs,” Goldblum told us. “We both own companies in the mind-body-spirit world. Last year we contacted every client, colleague, and company in the wellness and personal development space that we wanted to get involved with the camp, and every single person said ‘yes’.”

The East Coast camp session begins September 9th and runs $1500 but Wakefield readers can get 20% off the price of a ticket, using the coupon code UNCUBED at registration right here.

Now go forth (and go red team).