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Gotham Greens’ techy rooftop farm next door

You’ve got the friends that don’t stop yammering about the low carbon footprint from the produce they buy from some farm upstate. A trump card would be nice — not for ego, just for silence. Like being able to point just over the East River and say: “mine are grown there.” Si-lencio.

Gotham Greens, the north Brooklyn-based startup is equal parts Android and idyllic farm field. The rooftop greenhouse is wall-to-wall perfect with rows of disturbingly delicious butterhead lettuce, basil, and other greens. The growing is done hydroponically with an irrigation system designed by the founders, and the produce is coddled by a set of sensors that automatically open the roof to cool (seriously), turn up the heat, or get the fans going.

Co-Founder Viraj Puri says the demand is “much larger than what we’re producing” and product is delivered locally six days a week for max freshness. The greenhouse — powered by adjacent solar panels — has been operational for just under a year. But its success has led to near-term NYC expansion plans that are impressive (but not yet public) and a visit from Mr. Mars Blackmon himself, who recently filmed a commercial onsite.

Get your very own trump card tasty butterhead lettuce here.

Now go forth (and keep it close to home).
Invite friends to Wakefield. We’ll make room for ’em.


By the Numbers:

  • 100 tons: Annual production capacity
  • 20: Times greater yield than traditional field farming
  • 20-30: Times less water used
  • 365: Days of the growing season


Stay tuned. The expansion will bring a ‘significant’ number of hires, including management.


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