Sport a new career this Fall

The face every video interviewer makes when you respond to “how are you?” (via Giphy)

Your nickname is “Elmers” because the talent you hire sticks around 

Overtime is a sports network that uses tech platforms to power the content that sports fans love—which is useful when sports can’t have people watching in the stands.

They’re signing on a People Ops Manager to oversee the game plan for talent acquisition efforts. Candidates should have at least 3 years of experience in full-cycle recruiting, with the ability to construct talent pipelines for sales departments preferred.

Because your parents aren’t the only people who make the Internet terrifying

We know the digital world can be a tough place, especially when our parents forget their passwords. Or learn how to make memes. Or… Okay, we’ll get to the point because we could rant for a while.

Careers that make computing safer are critical to our digital ecosystems. That’s why we’re shouting out this Associate SOC Engineer role at Optiv.

Embarking on this career begins with 1-2 years of IT training or education, which can include experience with desktop/networking, application software, and Microsoft/UNIX/Linux-based operating systems.

Tip the balance between subs v. unsubs at PayScale

Being able to build, test, and refine emails is a terrific skill for new grads. That’s why we’re highlighting Payscale’s Marketing Automation Specialist

You’ll manage email and landing page development and execution, including segmentation, testing, and deployment. You’ll also support core marketing operations initiatives such as the lead lifecycle, scoring, nurturing, segmentation, and data cleansing. 

Jumping into a sales career? We’ve got a few leads.

Want to work in Nashville? Not a fan of hot chicken, you say? Then stay cool and work from wherever you’re reading this newsletter because JumpCrew, an acquisition marketing platform whose name could double as a hip 90’s boy band, is hiring Remote Account Executives.

Candidates should enjoy conversation, shake off rejection, and be ready to call and email lots of new friends in order to convert leads to customers. Though previous sales experience is great, new grads should note that it’s not required. (Either way, be sure to familiarize yourself with Salesforce prior to interviewing).

Additional early career opportunities at JumpCrew (because you can’t have just one job if you call yourself a crew) include a Business Development Representative and Advertising Operations Manager.

Be the class that makes #upskilling catch on 

Dear Class of 2020—as you enter the workforce, you might get the sense that not all of your co-workers are willing to embrace new technology. You aren’t alone.

So often is this the case that Harvard Business Review wrote an article detailing the tendency for employees to resist learning new tools. The big takeaway? Incentivizing employees to upskill and having a sound strategy for long-term tech integrations are key to creating a collaborative and balanced work culture. 

If upskilling people is incentive enough for you, then we think you’ll enjoy reviewing jobs at Newsela, including Instructional Designer, Cultural Responsiveness and Content Producer, Social Studies.