Stanford Ignite offers budding entrepreneurs everything they need to know about launching

Stanford Ignite's Bangalore program

The Launch Pad

In the DIY ethos of startup-land, the motto may as well be “Just Do It”. Who cares if you don’t understand project management or know what EBITDA stands for? Failure is success!

“It’s bad to fail,” Stanford Professor Yossi Feinberg told us, “and it’s good to learn from failure. But it’s even better to learn from someone else’s failure. And not just their failures but successes. Of course, the difficult part is knowing what should you learn from the experience.”

Feinberg is faculty director of Stanford Ignite, a part-time, 10-week program developed and taught by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

“Our approach is to look at over 60 years of developing businesses and understand what causes success and what causes failure, and to learn from that,” Feinberg said.

On April 1, Stanford Ignite will launch their second New York program, after seeing success everywhere from Bangalore to São Paulo. A combination of distance-learning and in-person instruction, Stanford Ignite is intended for tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and STEM grad students who want the skills to succeed.

“The program is for someone who wants to create a significant impact, or start a venture that will have a significant impact, but feels that they don’t yet have the tools,” Feinberg said.

The first application deadline for the program is December 1st and eligible students can receive a 50% tuition scholarship.

You can get more information about the program and get an application here.

Now go forth (and don’t fail).