Startup City Report: Detroit

Detroit’s Startup Renaissance

If you saw Chrysler’s Super Bowl spot this year, you know Detroit is ready for a comeback. With the best gravely voice in the business, Clint Eastwood announced that Detroit’s “second half” is about to begin. But for folks in the tech scene, that’s old news; they’ve been poised for the city’s third quarter for quite awhile now. Say hello to Detroit: our second startup city feature.

Drafting behind evangelizing industry leaders and the city’s incentive-rich programs to attract businesses, Motor City is revving its engines to become a tech hub. Leading the charge: Quicken Loans chairman Dan Gilbert. Earlier this year, the Michigan native moved thousands of employees from the suburbs to downtown Detroit as part of his “Detroit 2.0” dream – a city revitalized through technology and web businesses. He must be doing something right: Twitter just announced that they’re opening an office downtown to facilitate their work with the “Big 3” car makers. They’ll be setting up shop next to quirky companies like Texts From Last Night and Doing Tonight. Add to that the fact that Thrillist has anointed Detroit as their latest city edition, and you’ve got some proper buzz.And then there’s this (which will be both troubling and confusing to those of us on the coasts): median home prices are six grand. Six. Grand.

And really, if Dirty Harry says it’s Detroit’s time, who are we to argue?

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