482 Jobs at PayPal, Button, Shutterstock, & Mediamorph

He’s rolling out (a new business).

The Business

Sick and tired of not being able to use “bae” and “yo” during Scrabble? No more – Ludacris has launched Slang N’ Friendz just for you – a social crossword game where you’re awarded bonus points for slang words.

In the meanwhile, holla at these 482 open positions at PayPal, Button, Shutterstock, & Mediamorph.

PayPal – 360 Open Positions

PayPal’s making serious strides to give their customers more choices – we’re talking about their recent agreements with companies like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Citigroup, to name a few. Not to mention, there are rumors of a potential partnership with Amazon… stay tuned on your local checkout cart. They’re hiring for 360 open positions in the U.S. alone, check them out here (to join the future of digital payments).

Button – 13 Open Positions

Button directly connects people to actions across a number of apps (imagine listening to Tay Swift on your iPhone, then simply tapping on a button to purchase a ticket to her next concert). Just last week the company raised another $20 million, bringing their total funding to over $34 million. Take a look at their 13 open positions in NYC…and the insane roster of publishers and merchants using their service.

Shutterstock – 102 Open Positions

This 13-year-old startup has just announced an exciting new product update that’s helping to unstock the stock photo. It’s a simple, intuitive image editor for non techies out there looking to spruce up their images without downloading/paying for an outside tool. Based out of the Empire State Building, Shutterstock is looking to fill 102 open positions. Check them out here.

Mediamorph – 7 Open Positions

Mediamorph works with your favorite TV, film, and music services (think HBO, Lionsgate, Vevo, and beyond) to help analyze and optimize their digital content. Their solutions cover deal management, financials, analytics and reporting, and more. If the entertainment industry interests you or you’re simply a Netflix binger, watch our series of videos with Mediamorph then apply directly to one of their 7 open positions on Uncubed. And yes… you can expect special consideration when you use our job board!