142 Startup Jobs at Via, CB Insights, Etsy, & Genius

We’ve heard enough.

The Business

This just in – Paul (that turncoat who just can’t stop reminding you he’s left Verizon for Sprint) is about to become BFFs with Jay Z. That’s right, one-third of Tidal is being sold to Sprint.

So if becoming part of Paul’s new squad wasn’t tempting enough, you can now get exclusive access to content from Tidal’s all star lineup of celebs by joining Sprint.

OR… you can find an entirely new squad by checking out 142 open positions at Via, CB Insights, Etsy, and Genius below.

Via – 64 Open Positions
A city bus and an Uber walk into a bar… Enter Via, the startup that’s serving up on-demand transit at a mass scale. They’ve created the same experience of ordering a private car, but this time with the nominal price of hopping on your local city bus. With over 130 million in funding to date, the team is looking to continue to grow their team. Check out their 64 open positions across the world here.

CB Insights – 21 Open Positions
Everyday, CB Insights analyzes massive amounts of data to help their users answer questions like What new markets should we enter? and others related to the health and future of industries and companies. Pretty sophisticated stuff, we know. But worth mentioning that if your writing chops are on fire, they’ve got five open roles in Research & Content right up your alley! Check out all their opportunities here (and don’t forget that applying directly through Uncubed gets you that oh so special consideration).

Etsy – 52 Open Positions
From Harry Potter cookie cutters to a taxidermied mouse head, you can find what you’re looking for on Etsy. No surprise given their current whopping total of 1.7 million active sellers (with 40 million items for sale collectively). If you’re interested in continuing to grow an online marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, take look at their 52 open positions here.

Genius – 5 Open Positions
Once a site for decoding rap lyrics, Genius has transformed into the most comprehensive database of music knowledge (with over 60 million monthly unique active users). And they’re about to hop on the video train…big time. The team is looking to build an internal team devoted to creating a whole whirlwind of music news video content. So if you’re an animator, producer, editor, or any other style of video guru – check out these 5 open roles and apply directly through Uncubed.


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