Startup Lies

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Here we go again (via Giphy)

Policy of Truth

Is there more fraud, lies, and deceipt at tech startups than in other businesses?

Hard to say, but here’s the latest: newly-funded parenting benefits startup Cleo’s founder resigned after owning up to resume fabrications and a fraying workplace. (And why all the trouble at benefits startups? See: Zenefits)

Anywho, be careful out there.

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Google’s Housing Help

Google announced a 10-year plan and a $1 billion investment to address the Bay Area’s deeply complex affordable housing crisis. It’s a start.

Know a thing or two about real estate? Check out jobs with companies like Square, Knotel, Casper, Yelp, & more here.

Facebook’s Magical Dough

Facebook is planning to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream through its very own currency platform, called Libra. Questions remain, naturally.

Square, Gemini, Magic Leap, and others are also hiring for blockchain related roles. Check ’em out.

Why We’re All So Distracted

We stumbled across Udemy’s Workplace Distraction Report. It’s a good read to better understand how widespread the problem is – and what to do about it. (Spoiler: most people are spending more than an hour per day on their phones instead of working.)