Startups Have Invented a New Holiday

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

IPO Freely
There goes the backlog – get ready for a new round of massive tech IPOs. Bloomberg reports Dropbox is discussing a 2017 debut with advisors. Business Insider suggests Apptio, Carbon Black, Nutanix, and Coupa are all ready for fall IPOs. And there’s ample speculation around Hootsuite, Lyft, and Zuora.

We Couldn’t Pick Just One
Our favorite Pokémon-related headlines of the week? That’s easy. Russia calls Pokémon Go work of the devil: Tells kids to ‘catch’ a killer instead and Sex pigs halt traffic after laser attack on Pokémon teens.

Bootstraps Camp
The U.S. Department of Education has launched a program allowing low-income students to pay for coding bootcamps with federal financial aid.

Clean Your Feed
Twitter announced the rollout of a new quality filter setting. While it’s unlikely to kill trolls, it should help quash the platform’s harassment problem.

November Surprise
Tech companies are turning election day into a holiday.

Take a Break, Driver 8
Upon learning that a fleet of self-driving Ubers will launch in Pittsburgh this month, the internet promptly freaked out. The truth, however, is not quite so sexy.

Part on the Right
One year after they faced a slew of negative press around company work culture, Amazon is working to improve their image with the creation of a new team of part-time tech employees, all eligible for the same benefits as full-time employees.

This Is What an Emoji Looks Like IRL
Apparently they’re known as “squids”.

Nothing to Worry About
Just a massive data dump from an NSA hack.