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State of the Union: Co-working

It's time to leave the house.

A look at New York’s booming co-working spaces

There’s a reason co-working spaces are taking off in New York – they promise a level of networking and collaboration you just can’t find from the muttering homeless man sitting next to you at Starbucks.

By our count, there are over fifty co-working sites in the city, and the number is growing. Just yesterday, 500 Startups announced they were piling on.

But while you need never go without exposed brick, white walls, and red water pipes again, it has gotten difficult trying to separate Green Desk from Green Spaces, or the Yard from the Hive.

There are the big boys – General AssemblyDogPatch Labs,The Alley, and WeWork. Most require applying for a space and can actually get a little pricey, but that’s hardly all that New York has to offer.

At a whopping five years old, Little Italy’s New Work City is the elder statesman. There’s no application process and they offer day passes. Members also receive a locker to complete that high school with beer feel.

And then there’s the free – Wix Lounge in Union Square offers co-working and event space at no cost. Members are not required to join a cult or sell their first-born, although hours are limited to 9-5 and desks are available on a first-come first-seated.

For a look at all the co-working spaces NYC has to offer, check out Made in NY’s excellent map of the digital space.

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