Stop Planning Your Vacation. Start Enjoying It.

Journy founders Leiti Hsu, Susan Ho, and Amy Guo

Guide Booked

The promise of concierge service is always alluring, but all too often, the hurdles involved mean it’s just not worth the hassle.

Journy is a concierge travel service that doesn’t require a titanium membership card, a personal invitation and blood sample, or steep annual fees.

For $15-per-day, Journy will not only provide a customized itinerary for over 50 global destinations, but also make dinner reservations, book hotel rooms, and arrange tours. And you’re not working with some cold, calculating bot – after filling out a travel questionnaire, users are paired with a (human) concierge.

“There are so many travel tools out there,” Ho told us. “Before we started this we interviewed more than 300 people about how they plan their travels, and maybe 95% of them didn’t use any of these tools. A small segment of people mentioned things like Gogobot or Foursquare, but most of the people were using Excel, Notes on their phone, Google Docs. And then there are the people who just wing it. For us going on vacation shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to solve a complex logistics problem in Excel.”

Launched in 2015, founders Susan Ho, Amy Guo, and Leiti Hsu bring a wide range of experience in the tech world. Ho ran operations at Fab.com before consulting at Learnvest and Blue Apron; Guo ran an engineering team at Amazon; and Hsu has worked as a hospitality and food tech consultant for brands like Twitter, Unilever, and Thrillist, in addition to writing for Town and Country.

You can sign up for a free day of travel planning and check out all of Journy’s offerings right here.