Stops You From Texting

Everyone stopped doing this. (Source: Giphy / ABC)

SMS Mess

For a blissful several hours this morning, a goodly percentage of the East Coast couldn’t text (thanks to Verizon’s glitch). Not to worry…by 10am ET, people were back to colliding with others on the sidewalk, running red lights, and ignoring their friends over coffee. Whew.

Prodigious texter? There are plenty of jobs involving the Short Message Service technology. Scan them here – includes roles at Twilio, Square, Airbnb, Visa, instacart, and more.


Electric Bugs Everywhere

VW has been eager to push its emissions scandal into the, uh, rearview mirror. The carmaker announced a plan to crank out 22 million electric vehicles over the next decade.

Jobs are aplenty in e-transport – check out openings at Optimus Ride, LimeBike, Hyperloop (!), and Airbus here.


Admission of Guilt

We’re pretty sure money’s always been able to get people into college – but the sheer complexity of today’s upper crust admissions scam is remarkable.

For a more honorable route into education here are jobs at ed tech companiesincluding Udemy, Coursera, Square (for an L&D role), Brainly, and Flocabulary.